Transportation climate initiative


This past December, Massachusetts and eight other states announced that they will be joining together in a Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI), which uses a market-based mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector in order to meet Massachusetts’ legally required emissions targets according to the Global Warming Solutions Act. Accounting for a third of the carbon emissions statewide, this sector has yet to be addressed in a comprehensive way. This bill will build on the initiative put forth by Governor Baker meant to guide the process statewide as it takes form.

 This bill, “An Act to advance modern and sustainable solutions for transportation,” filed alongside State Senator Eric Lesser, establishes the Modern and Sustainable Solutions for Transportation Trust Fund, overseen by the Modern and Sustainable Solutions for Transportation Investment Board to guide the green projects called for under the developing initiative.

The board shall evaluate proposals for the use of the fund based on criteria including the following: emission reductions, benefits to disadvantaged or underserved communities, including environmental justice populations, rural communities, communities of color and low-income communities, consumer savings, public health benefits, and economic growth.