Patent Trolls

Illustration of patent troll.  INC.  14 Feb. 2013

Illustration of patent troll. INC. 14 Feb. 2013

Massachusetts has always been a leader in innovation from the beginning of the industrial revolution to the information age. Creating an environment that fosters new technology requires a legal system that supports inventors, start ups, tech firms, and universities. Unfortunately, Massachusetts faces a particular challenge from entities who would cheat that legal system: patent trolls. Patent trolls, more formally known as “non-practicing entities” are patent-holding organizations that file many, many bad faith lawsuits with spurious claims that their patents have been violated.

The so-called “Patent Trolls” bill, An Act to protect innovation and entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth, also filed in the Senate by State Senator Eric Lesser, seeks to put stronger limits on the crime of patent fraud in order to protect the good faith work being done to advance technologies by changing how assertions of infringement are made as how courts act in cases involving patent infringement.

With a long record of working on preserving the innovation economy in Massachusetts, Rep. Ehrlich has filed the House version of this bill. Massachusetts is a worldwide leader in several different technology sectors, and protecting that environment is a major priority.