Our District

The 8th Essex District is more than lines on a map – it’s a community. Spanning Marblehead, Swampscott and two precincts in Lynn, the neighborhoods of the 8th Essex share a proud history of industry, art, and civic pride. Representing this incredible region of Massachusetts north of Boston is an honor that has never faded. 

From Fort Sewall to Red Rock Park, the sea has always defined life in our towns. Fishermen and merchants set out each day, up and down the New England coastline and out to the great fishing banks. Their hard, dangerous work bringing success and prosperity to our community and fresh fish to our dinner tables. Our sailors were there when the American Revolution needed ships, with Marblehead sailors founding the U.S. Navy ready to serve their young nation.

Today, the ocean remains a source of beauty, an inspiration, and a reminder of our responsibilities as its stewards. Swampscott is host to the oldest active fish house in the country. Painters, poets, film producers, and tourists have long sought out our communities as sources of inspiration, from Marblehead’s colonial lanes, Swampscott’s vistas, and Lynn's expansive coastline.

The city of Lynn, our state's 9th largest urban center, is known for its vibrant international population, historic architecture, downtown cultural district, live performances at The Lynn Auditorium, public parks, and beautiful open spaces. The state's Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) manages the coastal jewel of the city featuring Lynn Shore Drive, Red Rock Park, and the Diamond Historic District, all which has recently become a much sought-after backdrop for Hollywood movies. Lynn's industrial legacy in leather tanning and shoe manufacturing is reflected in the city's seal which features a colonial boot.

Our storied past has instilled, and continues to teach, a sense of pride for our neighbors who have made a mark on our world. From infamous political player and U.S. Vice President Elbridge Gerry, General Electric founder Elihu Thomson, to longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl our towns have a significant legacy to share.

The work that makes our communities so wonderful, with our excellent schools and beautiful spaces, can be credited to that same sense of civic duty that we hold dear. 

Our district’s story is long, full of hard work, successful industries, and harder-won success. I am honored to be part of it, and I look forward to seeing what new history we can all make together.