We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

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Our committee also had the wonderful opportunity to see in person where all of the trade trends we had met and discussed take place each and every day, at the Conley Terminal in Boston. During our July visit, we heard from business leaders who use the terminal to send their goods from Massachusetts. The extolled the importance of good quality, effective infrastructure for their businesses.

The terminal, which is set to expand over the next year to accommodate the newest fleet of even larger cargo ships, hosts several trade routes with ships arriving all the time. Run by MassPort, the terminal in South Boston is our main trade link to the rest of the world. Imports come in from across the globe, and the Conley Terminal is where a large share of exports from all over Massachusetts and New England head onto the high seas.

Our visit also included a brief tour of a fish processing company on the docks that handles all the packaged seafood for Trader Joe's, and Market Basket in New England. Seeing the busy terminal and knowing that it only will get busier was an exciting moment as we look forward to a bright future for Massachusetts trade.