Eric Holder Takes On Gerrymandering

Jefferey Toobin on the left and former AG Eric Holder on the right

Jefferey Toobin on the left and former AG Eric Holder on the right

At the end of May I had the privilege of attending a reception at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. The event offered much-needed inspiration as CNN Legal Analyst, Jeffrey Toobin interviewed former attorney general Eric Holder about his strategic focus on gerrymandering's impact on our democracy. Former AG Eric Holder is the chair and president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which was newly formed last year. The committee's goal is to target races and ballot initiatives in a dozen high-priority states that would give Democrats a chance to create favorable congressional maps after the 2020 census. The committee aims at preventing complete Republican control of a state's executive and legislative branches. I certainly miss AG Holder, but the his critical work gives me hope that Democrats will be able to regain control on Congress in the midterm elections. 

It was also great to catch up with the wonderful Vicki Kennedy at the reception.



In speaking with AG Holder I certainly got a reaction from him when I claimed Elbridge Gerry (hard G) as my predecessor -- by many years! 

Preyel Patel