House Adopts $1.3M in Amendments

In April, the House of Representatives adopted several of my proposed amendments to the FYE 2019 House Budget, including several that support key local priorities in Swampscott, Marblehead, and Lynn. 

The amendments include $45,000 for environmental infrastructure and drainage at the Goldthwait Salt Marsh in Marblehead, $45,000 for the Beach Access Resilience Project in Swampscott, $50,000 for the annual cleanup and disposal of odiferous Pilayella algae on King’s Beach, and $55,000 for park maintenance in Red Rock Park.

This funding from our state’s annual budget supports our community's locally priorities. The odor from a rare algae affects the quality of life in our community, but this assistance from the state will ensure that King's Beach will be free of odor so that those who want to enjoy a day at the beach are able to.  I am grateful to local officials for identifying these needs and proud to work with my colleagues in the legislature to make sure those needs are addressed.”

I also filed two new amendments this year for Goldthwait Salt Marsh in Marblehead and for a Beach Access project in Swampscott. Both projects demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving coastal resilience and ensuring access to our public beaches.

Additionally, the House Budget included my amendment for $150,000 in vital funding for the nonprofit group Self Esteem Boston, which assists women experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, and substance abuse with programming in Boston, Lynn, and several other cities in Massachusetts. In its twenty four years, Self Esteem Boston has assisted more than 75,000 service providers, individuals and families with counseling and employment readiness.

Lastly, the House Budget included an amendment filed by Rep Ehrlich that creates a $1,000,000 grant program for students at public universities who take unpaid internships. Called the state university internship incentive program, the grants match private dollars given to state schools and allow students who would otherwise not be able to take an unpaid internship and gain professional experience to more readily enter the job market. 

The House Budget next moves to the Budget Conference Committee and then returns to each chamber for final legislative approval, before landing on Governor Baker’s desk.

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Preyel Patel