Brain Tumor Awareness Month

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On May 30th, Senator Brendan Creighton (D-Lynn) and I were honored to present a Resolution to the National Brain Tumor Society recognizing May as Brain Tumor Awareness Month. An estimated 700,000 people in America are living with a brain tumor, and this year nearly 17,000 Americans will die from brain and spinal cord tumors.

Both benign and malignant brain tumors can be deadly, significantly impacting the quality of life for a patient and their loved ones. It is our hope that Brain Tumor Awareness month will help raise awareness and educate the public about this terrible, life threatening disease. As the speakers at the event stated it's crucial that people are aware of the dangers of brain tumors and the challenges they present so that through donations, brain tumor research can get the proper funding that is needed to find a cure.

Preyel Patel