Boozy Business in Swampscott


A huge thank you to Governor Baker for signing my bill granting Swampscott 8 additional liquor licenses into law! Swampscott now has a total of 22 liquor licenses to help improve the vibrancy of our downtown area by increasing the number of restaurants, eateries, and bars.

In order to attract residents and visitors, communities have to consistently work to improve the quality of life. For many, this involves a diverse mix of restaurants and bars. These types of establishments bring liveliness and energy into the community, and hence are also key to our economic development strategy. Expanding the number of liquor licenses in Swampscott will have a positive impact on our community by inviting new businesses, creating jobs, and attracting new residents and visitors. There are a multitude of retail clusters in the town that could see enormous benefit from the additional licenses, and I’m eagerly anticipating the businesses and visitors that will contribute to our vibrant town and regional economy.

Preyel Patel