Expanding Liquor Licenses in Swampscott


Several new liquor licenses are on the way to Swampscott, awaiting the Governor's signature. We in Swampscott are proud of our town’s bustling main street and local restaurants, all packed in a small enough space to qualify us as the 5th smallest and 5th densest municipality in the state. Very cozy! Cozy is good but we also want to be an appealing place for visitors to take in the views of Boston, our historical sites and seaside vistas. 

Since 1933, state law has capped the number of liquor licences available in each community, but additional licenses can be granted by petitioning the legislature. The Board of Selectmen approved this and Town Administrator Sean Fitzgerald testified before the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure in support of my legislation that would give Swampscott 8 more liquor licenses. 

Swampscott currently has 14 liquor licenses, but as Selectman Peter Spellios said to Swampscott Wicked Local, "numerous of the town’s existing licenses are assigned to private clubs, thereby leaving relatively few to support new businesses that want to come to Swampscott.”

Restaurants, eateries, and bars bring liveliness and energy into the community, and hence are also key to the economic development strategy to attract new visitors and developers. There are a multitude of retail clusters in the town that could see enormous benefit from the additional licenses. This bill aims to make it easier for Swampscott businesses to contribute to a vibrant town and regional economy.

Both chambers of the legislature enacted the legislation on December 26th, and the bill is now ready to be signed into law by Governor Baker.