Bill Banning Elephants from Travelling Acts is Reported Out Favorably from ENRA


 I am thrilled that my bill banning elephants from travelling shows and circuses was reported out favorably by the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture on October 13th. I would like to thank Chairman Smitty Pignatelli and Chairwoman Ann Gobi for working with me to forward this bill along. 

Thank you as well to the many residents of the Commonwealth who have reached out in support of this critical issue. The inhumane treatment of elephants certainly warrants our moral concern, for these remarkable animals are subjected to a horrible life on the road where they are physically and emotionally harmed. 

Public opinion is shifting on the captivity of wild animals for our entertainment. After 146 years, Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros, by far the largest operator in this space announced complete closure of their circus this year. Yet, there are still several smaller circuses performing in Massachusetts with elephants that need our help, so this bill must become law in order to protect them.

Again, thank you for sharing my deep concern for elephants and for your continued work to help protect them!