About Representative Ehrlich


WELCOME! Lori is a resident of Marblehead, graduate of Swampscott High School, and daughter of Lynn. She could not be prouder to represent the community that raised her. She and her husband Bruce have two daughters who both attended Marblehead Public Schools and went on to pursue their passions in biomedical science and political science/journalism.

EDUCATION: Lori received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Lehigh University, and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 

PROFESSIONAL: Lori has been a CPA for over three decades, first working for a regional accounting firm then running her own practice focused on taxation and counseling small and medium sized businesses. She is one of only two CPAs in the legislature.

LEADERSHIP: As part of the Speaker of the MA House Robert DeLeo's leadership team,  she currently serves as the House Chairperson of the Joint Committee on Export Development, where she has an eye on growing Massachusetts’ trade and expanding access to new markets for Massachusetts businesses.

VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY ACTIVISM: Prior to her election to the legislature in 2008, Lori founded two award-winning grassroots public health nonprofits and led the charge for a six-year multi-million dollar clean up several feet of coal ash from the base of Wenham Lake, drinking water for 80,000 residents in Salem, Beverly and parts of Wenham.

She earned the nickname “Mother Grizzly from Marblehead” in honor of her tireless advocacy for her community and the environment. Her experience has earned her widespread recognition at the state level, as well as invitations to testify before Congress in Washington, DC. See Sooty Footprints.

Legislative success: Lori has sponsored or co-sponsored hundreds of bills over the course of her legislative career. 

A strong voice for those who are not able to lobby for themselves, Lori filed a bill allowing law enforcement to step in when they see an animal in danger in a hot car and prohibits tethering of animals overnight. Working closely with the MSPCA and the Humane Society, that bill was signed into law in August, 2016. In addition, she is currently advocating for bills to increase our state protections against wildlife poaching, ban the use of elephants in traveling circuses, and ban on the sale of ivory and rhino horns in Massachusetts. She also recently led the charge for passage of a Good Samaritan law providing amnesty for underage alcohol consumption if emergency assistance needed. 

Through tenacity and perseverance, Lori led the charge to passage of two bills into law dealing with life-threatening gas leaks in the infrastructure that carries gas to our homes and businesses. Not only is this a public safety hazard but it kills trees, costs consumers millions annually, and heats up the planet. Her successful bills required gas companies to be more transparent and proactive in repairing and replacing leaky old gas lines.  

She was one of the original authors of the state’s landmark anti-bullying law and received the Anti-Defamation League’s Good Citizenship Award for her work.

She is the lead sponsor of several high profile bills, including one to require anonymous sexual assault climate surveys on college campuses statewide. Her bill to reform non-competition agreements in employment contracts passed both chambers last session but failed to clear conference in the final minutes of session and is filed again. Each of these bills have received considerable statewide and national attention, including three invitations from President Obama to the White House and a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden. In October 2016, the Obama Administration issued a State Call to Action on non-compete reform, encouraging other states to follow the path she created.

Rep. Ehrlich welcome 8th Secretary-General of the U.N. Ban Ki-Moon to the State House

Rep. Ehrlich welcome 8th Secretary-General of the U.N. Ban Ki-Moon to the State House